You’re doing it wrong (but probably right)! A guide to the trials and tribulations of parenting for first time parents.

Hello and welcome to my blog! I am the Truth Mummy, so named because I promise to tell you the TRUTH! I am a first time mother to a beautiful three year old boy, whom shall be referred to from this day forward as Stormaggedon (yes, that is a Doctor Who reference, and I guarantee will not be the last).

During this tumultuous, crazy, emotional year there were many time when I felt very overwhelmed and just needed advice and assurance that it wasn’t just me going through this. That I wasn’t the only one in the world feeling the way I was feeling. Unfortunately for me I was the only one within my unit of family and friends that had recently had a child, so there was no one to really “go through this” with. I suppose I could have joined a mothering group, but was freaking out about my son possibly catching some horrible disease that I was scared off leaving the house for about two months. So instead I turned to the Internet for help and advice. How utterly disappointed I was. Many times I would give in to click bait to titles such as “5 Things No One Tells You Before You Become a Parent” for it to turn out to be the most obvious list of things that anyone with half a brain could have worked out that parenting would be like. Example, the placenta has to come out…..uh….duh. Why is that even on the list!? Anyone with half a decent understanding of anatomy would know of course the placenta needs to come out! But hey, if you’re reading this and you’re already going, “oh my God, the placenta needs to come out!?” Then I guess I’ve already started doing my job! (FYI, if you give birth vaginaly, then the placenta also come out the vagina)

In addition to not being able to find any useful information, I found that no one was really brave enough to describe exactly what first time parenting was like. Apart from the occasional opinion piece in Mamamia or Kidspot, and “Lulluby” by Tim Minchin, most people would have you believe that parenting is this beautiful, magical experience filled with sunshine, smiles and a constant stream of glorified love.

So instead, I am here to tell you how it really is. Well, for me in any case. Every high and low. Every horrible, agonising, soul destroying moment. And every beautiful, wonderful, happy and hilarious moment. I am here to tell you about parenting, warts and all.

This blog will be filled with handy hints, helpful advice, tips and tales, hilarious anecdotes, and honest confessions. So please join me on my journey to figuring out parenting, and maybe we can end up helping each other.

DISCLAIMER: please be advised that I am not a doctor, psychologist, or professional in any way. I do not have a degree nor do I tend to infer that I am in any way qualified to tell you how you should parent, or give advice on anything regarding the health of your child. If you are at all concerned in relation to health related issues I strongly suggest you visit your local GP, or contact a child health centre. Also I live in Australia, and if you live here to I recommend the following organisations if you require help:

– for breastfeeding assistance contact 1800 mum 2 mum (1800 686 268), breastfeeding.asn.au

– for general assistance in relation to pregnancy, birth and parenting contact 1800 882 436, pregnancybirthbaby.org.au

– for any assistance regarding depression or postnatal depression contact Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636, beyondblue.org.au

– for assistance regarding domestic violence please contact DV Connect at dvconnect.org (various location contact numbers available through the website)

– in case of life threatening emergencies please contact 000 (Australia only).

If you are reading my blog outside of Australia, firstly awesome, secondly sorry I don’t have contact numbers for your own country. I’m sure you can understand why.


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