And now for something completely different…

Sorry for the brief interlude between posts. Life, as it were, has seemed to have gotten in the way. I really don’t know how this could have happened, frankly. All I’m trying to do is find time to write my blog, whilst at the same time fit in working four days a week, go to regular Taekwondo training and do enough physical fitness work that I can finally pass my fitness test, and therefore clear my incomplete from my third degree testing, rehearse and act in a play (Annie at Phoenix Theatre in Beenleigh, opens 28 April, you should totally come check it out), whilst at the same time practise and prepare my Les Miserable audition (my bucket list show), learn German, practise mindfulness by fitting in meditation and mindful colouring each day, attempt to write my book about my grandmother, finish the 10 different short film scripts I’ve had ideas for (damn it, I keep thinking up new stories), occasionally do some artwork like painting or sketching, catch up on my “to read” list (there’s only about 13 novels on there at the moment), spend enough time with my friends that they don’t think I’m neglecting them, eat right, maintain a clean and tidy house, all the while being a dutiful and caring mother, and at the same time a loving and attentive wife. IS THAT REALLY TOO MUCH TO ASK FOR?!

And oh yeah, not get sick in the meantime. 

In any case, I do have about 3 half written entries on the back burner, which I will attempt to get up within the next few weeks. Until then, remember you’re awesome and doing it right. 


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