Happy Birthday Stormaggedon!

Two. Two! TWO!! Where has the time gone? When you were first born my darling son, time seemed to run painfully slow. You never wanted to sleep and each day felt like a year. I was living each day in a daze waiting for that mythical 6 week mark when I foolishly assumed you’d somehow slip into some sort of sleep pattern, and I could finally get some rest. 10 months later and I was only just finally getting a full night’s sleep. I can recall when you were three months old. For some reason I can remember clearly how I felt that month just dragged by. You were going to be three months old forever. You were very cute though. You were rolling over, you just discovered your toes, you were giggling and laughing at the silly noises I was making. Then you turned four months old, and suddenly time sped up exponentially. Somehow we tore through the months and before I knew it you were crawling, then sitting, babbling and talking. It didn’t stop there, we reached our first Christmas, where you were already clever enough to open your presents (with a little help). You were Christened, with the priest commenting how you were the most placid baby (snort, chortle, sigh). Then we reached your first birthday. You had your first taste of cake, and refused to sleep until well past 9pm that night. I vowed you woulnd’t get cake again until your next birthday. You learnt to walk, you learnt to talk, you learnt to count. You discovered the stairs and went from crawling up on hands and knees, to one knee and one foot, and finally you’re walking up and down them like a boss all by yourself. You learned to feed yourself, then inexplicably started to refuse to do so. So now it’s back to mummy and daddy doing it. You’ve started repeating everything you hear, so now we have to be careful with what we say around you. And how are you already speaking in sentences!? Usually they’re hilarious sentences like “I am a robot” and “What are you doing here Crunk?” You can count up to 12! Tell me what other two year old can count up to 12? You’ve discovered a love of books, dancing, music, colouring in, singing, playing with play dough, bashing your drums, and various sporting interests. At the moment I’m sure you’re going to to grow up to be a ballet dancing, soccer playing drummer. We’ve started a journey into toilet training, which has resulted in wee in a lot of places around the house, the latest of which was my bedroom floor. But best of all, you’ve discovered how wonderful hugs are. I often hear you asking for “Cuddles”, and when you give them you let out the cutest little “Awwww” sound. I keep saying to you how I need all the cuddles now. Because I’m scared of the day that’s coming ever so fast when you will no longer want to give or receive the cuddles. So let’s have all the cuddles now. And my favourite part so far: You’ve learnt to say I love mummy and I love daddy. Nothing gives my heart greater joy than hearing you say that. Except for maybe when you say I love lamp. Beacause that’s just hilarious. 

In short my son, you’re no longer a baby. You’re a little man, and time is just powering ahead at breakneck speed. So at this time of your second birthday I shall reminisce about the top five things you used to do when you were a baby that I shall miss. 

1. Baby yawns. Tiny little yawns are the most adorable thing. 

2. Little discoveries and mile stones. They’re harder to spot now. But when you were tiny I can remember the exact moment you would work something out for the first time. I remember how literally one moment you couldn’t do something and the next you could. I remember the time you realised moving your arm made the jangling things on the side of your cot make noise. I remember when you couldn’t put your Lego blocks together, and the next day you could. I remember how puzzles were literally just that to you, then all of sudden you could put them together immediately. 

3. Reading books with your feet. You loved your books from an early age. Before you could sit properly you would lie on your back and hold your books with your feet. When you first started doing it you would hold the book with your feet and attempt to turn the pages with your hands, but you couldn’t open the book because you were holding it shut too tight with your feet. It used to frustrate you so much and you would end up crying. It was kind of funny. 

4. Falling asleep on me. You might still be able to do it, but not the same way, all curled up in a tiny little ball. Or even just falling asleep randomly and out of the blue. I recall one time you were on the floor playing with your Batman plush doll, then rolled over and you were asleep. 

5. Your strange babbling noises. I wish I filmed more of them, but you would make the weirdest noises when attempting to make speech like sounds. 

Happy birthday my little man. I love you to the moon and back. 


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